Come home…


There’s been a consistent theme in many movies and books that I have read lately.  It goes far deeper and specific than love but really hits on the topic of “home.”  Whether it’s the parent of a wayward child or lonely soul seeking to create a home for themselves the message is still the same.  Somewhere, near or far, there is someone either literally or figuratively calling out your name to come home.

Why does this invoke such powerful emotions within us?  Is it as simple as the basic need to feel wanted or is it more complex than that?  Surely there are places where we can “belong” but a group of friends at a coffee shop wanting us to be with them doesn’t even compare to the feeling of “coming home.”  Even the closest of friends lack an element of love that we have either felt or hope to ever feel.

What I think makes these messages so powerful is that we underestimate how much we are worth to those that truly love us.  We can’t fathom that another’s life would be literally destroyed by not having us apart of it that we reject the idea as ridiculous.  We refuse to believe that someone out there wants us and accepts us and supports us that they would consider us part of their home.  I daresay we refuse to believe we are worth it.

So when we see such efforts of characters in books or movies to try to bring home a child, sibling, or spouse we cannot help but feel that hope that resides within us all that someone out there might feel the same way about us.  Would my parents spend years sending out lanterns as a way to find your way home?  Would there always be an open seat at a dinner table if I were to show up?  Would their embrace finally make me feel like I had, at last, found my home?

Whether we are the ones looking for our home or desperately striving to bring someone back home I can only say never give up hope.  Someone wants us.  Someone’s lives aren’t complete without us.  That hope and love can carry with us whether we find it tomorrow or it takes all our lives because, in the end, what else matters?

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