I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of warmth and how much of an effect it has on human beings.  I would suppose that being warm-blooded would have something to do with it but I think it’s something more than that.  Take two similar, yet opposite, examples.  The first example is being in the hot sun for several hours to finally take a deep pull from a tall glass of ice water.  The feeling is a mixture of relief and refreshment all mixed into one.  The second example is being in the freezing cold for several hours to come in and enjoy a cup of your chosen hot beverage.  The feeling is almost an overwhelming sense of comfort, almost like coming home.

I suppose the philosophers would say that there really is no such thing as cold, just the absence of heat.  But for a mere simpleton like myself, I wonder what makes the difference.  Is it just me or do all people feel the same way?  I can’t imagine that a cold bath/shower can even compare to the feeling of a hot bath/shower on a cold day.

Even in literature, I can only think of positive things the word “warm” infers.  Warm hugs.  House warming.  Warm someone over.  Even the word warm means friendly, inviting, welcoming.  Cold shoulder.  Stone cold.  Cold feet.  As a personality trait it means you’re unwelcoming, dismissive, cruel.

Why?  Surely cold has its merits but I think it comes down to comfort vs. relief.  We all need to be relieved at moments in our lives figuratively and literally but wouldn’t we all choose comfort over relief?  Just asking the question that probably has no real answer.



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