The ‘hard’ is what makes it great



I love writing. I do. A simple look at the number of posts on this blog and their frequency might lead you to believe otherwise but it is true. I still marvel at the fact that 26 goofy little symbols can give voice to an infinite amount of songs, poems, blogs, texts, emails, and stories. Obviously it’s the ones who master the arrangement of these letters that we praise and continue to read but even in its most amateur form, writing is still a powerful and miraculous tool.

I have a writer friend, whose skills at writing far surpass my own, and I find myself in awe and slightly jealous at her tenacity and passion for the craft. She is always either writing, talking about writing, thinking about writing, or reading something that inspires her writing. I think she’s fearless in terms of what she expects of herself and the stories she knows are within her bursting to come out. So, what prevents me from being like this? Nothing. Honestly. I don’t say that to belittle her efforts or to diminish her passion for writing in any way. I say it because I know the same passion resides within me as well (notice I said passion and not necessarily “talent”). There is a quote that I will look up after I finish writing this entry that says something to the effect of “No one knows more pain than a writer whose story yet unwritten.” I feel that all the time. That’s not to say I have To Kill A Mockingbird or The Old Man & the Sea hiding out somewhere but I do have stories of my own that need to be shared.

What stops me? Maybe I’m not alone in this. There are two big reasons. 1) The overwhelming feeling that no one cares to read what I write. Sometimes I go to sit down and the only things popping into my head seem either so random or mundane that I don’t think anyone but me (and sometimes not even me) would want to read it. 2) I feel like everything I write has to be “final edit ready” and not “first draft delete everything but two sentences” writing.

Both reasons are complete and utter rubbish. I know this and yet it still prevents me from carrying on at the rate that I know I should. Not that I believe everyone wants to read what I write but, rather, practicing writing more and more is what makes you a better writer as well as gives you the motivation and confidence to do better things.

So, here’s to many more blog entries that are selfishly more for my sake than for the anonymous of you out there that may or may not be reading this. Cheers.

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